Since I haven't figured out how to make the subtitles work when using DVDBackup, DVD2one and Toast (dunno why - I've included the subtitles I want in DVD2one, but they just won't work, dammit) I've ended up trying to use 0SEx, MediaPipe and Sizzle.
Now the problem goes like this:
Everything goes well (except the subtitle again - the file 0SEx extracts, *.SPC, isn't compatible with Sizzle; Is there a tool to convert it to a .SUB -file? This problem I solved by getting a subtitle file from until all the files are supposed to be compiled into a single image file. Sizzle packs them up BUT when the .dmg is ready, the size is around 800kb (!). Tried it several times, but always the same - the file is too small (or it just compresses it veeeery well).

So what I'd like to know:
1. Is there some kind of a tool that would convert a .SPC -file into a .SUB?
2. What's wrong with Sizzle? OR Is there some other program like Sizzle that would do the same (preferrably a free one - already bought the programs that didn't work as I hoped them to do )

System used: G5 1,8Ghz, OSX 10.2.7