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Thread: EyeTV Quality?

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    Question EyeTV Quality?
    I've been wanting to watch TV on my 20" iMac, as I don't pay any attention to my TiVo, and I'm really disappointed that I can't watch TiVo on my Mac.

    So I was thinking of either getting a TV Tuner or a DV Bridge (to connect TiVo to it), but I really like the idea of being able to control everything on the screen, so I'm leaning more toward a TV Tuner (EyeTV? Other?).

    I was at my local CompUSA and they had a (non-EyeTV) TV tuner on an iMac and the quality was OK in a window, but it was horrible full-screen.

    Which made me wonder and want to ask EyeTV owners, what is the quality of EyeTV is at full-screen?

    Thinking of getting the EyeTV EZ.

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    I have been wondering the same thing. I also was thinking about picking one up. The only feedbac I have gotten was at the apple store where an employee said he loved his.


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    I actually went ahead and bought the EyeTV EZ (USB)
    And, it's "OK"... the quality is not as great as I was expecting (20" iMac... I was expecting BEAUTIFUL signal - at least from the PS2), but it's still good enough to replace my TV.

    I think I would be a lot happier with it when it's a Universal Binary.

    I want to write a review of it, but my camera died. :/

    The unit is tiny, and plugs into your computer via USB, so no iMovie or other use for it other than via the EyeTV app as far as I can figure out.

    To hook up a console to it, it has this cable that looks like "tentacles" that you plug into the front of the unit (yes, the front!!!) where you plug in the RCA cables for video and sound, or the SVideo cable. And it has a useless, yet super bright "Status" light that is always on as long as EyeTV is running - even if you are not watching or recording anything. Which is really annoying as it adds to the things that light up my bedroom when I'm trying to sleep. I swear - I'm going to take black electrical tape to just about everything! :p

    Recording TV takes a lot of processing power and RAM - but I think that's because of Rosetta, I hope this will not be the case once it's a Universal Binary.

    But, the main reason why I got it - to Game, IT CAN GAME!!!
    No lag as far as I can tell (unless you want to record the game - then there's major lag), and I tried some higher paced action games (well, at least Street Fighter Anniversary Edition and Need For Speed Most Wanted).
    Watching TV is fine, but it does not record Live TV like a TiVo does unless you tell it to start recording.

    The only really annoying thing about it (other than the tentacles sticking out of the front of it's small body and super-bright status light), is that every now and then the signal would get garbled, requiring to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. Which I've only noticed while leaving it recording shows overnight, which only happened twice since I got it so it's kind of rare.

    I'd still recommend it, but I think I'll be keeping my TiVo for now. I'll just hook it up to EyeTV.

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