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Thread: Low quality in Final Cut Express but not iMovie

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    Low quality in Final Cut Express but not iMovie
    I have tried a lot of things to fix this, but I am not sure what I am doing wrong...Video quality in Final Cut Express is far worse than when I use iMovie. I imported the same clip into both editors, and the included pictures show the final outcome of each. As you can see, iMovie looks great, but something is not right in FCE. The process for rending that I am using can be seen here in this quick clip:

    Can someone help me out please so I can have full quality videos? This is all new to territory to me. Thanks in advance
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    Your original clip in FCE has been stretched. There are probably 2 things going wrong in the 2nd image. I don't have FCE but first look for a setting called 'spatial conform'. It probably has 3 settings: 'none', 'fit' and 'fill'. Select 'fit'. That will get you back to the correct aspect ratio and fix the stretched look. At that point, it will either look like the first image or it will have black letterboxing on all 4 sides. In that case, your project settings need to be fixed. Let me know what you see.
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