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    Flixter Blocked Plug-In
    Hi all,

    Just tried to watch a movie on Flixter on my Mac and a message displays saying "Blocked Plug-in". Any ideas on how to get it working again? I'm going on a 10 hour flight on Thursday so would like to get it sorted before then



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    You don't want to hear my rant on Flixster -- rip-off software bordering on malware IMO.

    The reason you're getting this warning is that you have turned off either Java or Flash, and these will need to be turned back on for this POS software to work again. Have you detected that I'm not a fan of DRM-to-the-max "Ultraviolet" digital copies? I refuse to buy any DVDs with them on, only those that offer unrestricted digital copies so I can put the movie I paid for on the device I want and watch it without "permission."

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