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    imovie and a digital frame to play movies
    I have a couple of digital frames that are video capable and they say that they play mpeg4 and avi videos. I tired just copying the unedited videos from my files onto a usb stick and they wouldn't play. I then dig a little more digging on line and I was able to find a support page that gave me instructions on using the imovie program to get it to work. The problem is, it was a walk through using an older version and the command, Export Using QuickTime. It seems that the latest version of imovie doesn't have this command anymore.

    Does anybody know how I can export a video and have control over the settings like how the command Export Using QuickTime used to have?

    Would Handbrake be able to offer something similar to the command?

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    If you Share from the latest iMovie and choose the File option, the resulting movie is an .mp4 file also known as mpeg-4.

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