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Thread: How to copy a video clip to a thumb drive?

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    How to copy a video clip to a thumb drive?
    I have a 2GB nine minute video from a Go Pro camera that loaded in to iPhoto '09 on my Mac Mini. Question #1, how do I copy this video that is in iPhoto to a thumb drive? I tried the way that you would copy a photo on to a thumb drive and it did not work. In the future, how do I make the video load into iMovie '09 instead of in to iPhoto? Most all of my video's seem to want to load into iPhoto instead of iMovie. I really need to know how to get a video out of iPhoto and on to a thumb drive, or in to iMovie. I am very much lost when it comes to all this stuff. Thanks everyone for the help.

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    Drag and Drop from iPhoto to the thumb drive should work. Is that the method you tried?

    If your iPhoto movies don't appear in iMovie's Events Library, drag the movie from iPhoto onto the Desktop and then import into iMovie via it's File Menu>Import.

    I went from iMovie06 straight to iMovie11, so missed out 09. Is there a camera icon somewhere in the iMovie window that you click on to import from a camera? If there is and the GoPro isn't there, then iMovie doesn't recognise it as a camera. Luckily, iPhoto does.

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    Thank You for your reply. I will try that. I don't know a whole lot about this stuff, but I'm trying.

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