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    Printing finished Videos to disc info please
    Hi All, I am looking to make some videos on imovie or wondershare. So have several questions if I may?

    1) which printers are compatible with a 2010 macbook running mavericks 10.8 that will print actually onto a disc

    2) which software does the disc design for printing need to be made in to make it compatible when it prints.

    3) type of blank dvd to buy

    4) wanting to make in imovie but I have not got idvd so was then going to import to wondershare to put in chapters then burn from there. Should this be ok and has any anyone used wondershare with a menu and chapters and burnt the dvds and retained chapters ok once done?

    BTW I am not very techie and pretty new to Mac so please bare with me! Thanks in advance

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    1. Mavericks is 10.9, you mean Mountain Lion. Most inkjet printers are compatible with Macs and can handle disc printing using the included Mac software. I've stuck with Epson for the most part personally.

    2. You can do the disk DESIGN in any program you want, all you need is the measurements. I've used Photoshop and Pixelmator for this, I used Discus for easy positioning and printing, worked GREAT on those white-label CD/DVD blanks.

    3. Doesn't matter.

    4. Haven't used Wondershare.

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    May 09, 2014
    Many thanks for the reply sorry yes did mean 10.9 Mavericks. Since posting had found several epson printers so great you think them ok. Thanks heaps for your info.

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