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    Video Editing for iOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
    Hi everyone,

    I am running a 2008 MacBook Pro on iOS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

    I want to do some video editing (cutting up clips, mashing up videos, adding/removing audio, etc) but I can't use iMovie because Apple doesn't support the older releases of iMovie any longer and my system isn't compatible for the newest OS.

    I am looking for a program with similar features to iMovie that will work for Snow Leopard.

    Do you have suggestions? Free would be ideal, but I am willing to pay too. Any recommendations?

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    I just opened my old iMovie HD (I think that was version 6.x) in Mavericks. Opens and appears to work fine.

    A 2008 MacBook Pro should be capable of running at least version 9.0.9 (which I have as well -- Apple has never "overwritten" an older copy of iMovie with a newer one when they revamp it) also.

    What I guess I'm saying is just use the version of iMovie that came with the machine from 2008. It will be located on your system discs that came with the MacBook Pro.

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