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    iMovie 11 and Export Functions
    Now that I am uploading video and having to deal is slow, crappy internet. I started taking notice that 15min video exported from iMovie is like 2GB is size. Which is just huge. So I started looking this up on the internet last night, but most information was on previous versions that gave the option to export to QuickTime. I have been exporting strait to File and then uploading to YouTube. But since all my video is getting put on YouTube, I took a look at that option, its the same file size and iMovie warns me of anything over 15min could fail being uploaded. Well I can't deal with that. So I checked on exporting to iTunes. Now first off the bat is that the video is HALF (1/2) the size. Also it appears as a M4V extension instead of MP4. I really didn't notice any difference in video quality as of yet even though I know there is got to be a higher compression being used. But I am still uploading the video I did export for iTunes to see how it performs online. Exporting to iTunes doesn't seem to be bad at the moment, I can drag and drop them to the desktop from iTunes when I go to upload them.

    But what I would really like is everyone else's opinion on this. Also what type of file compression does final cut deliver?


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    I had a video that I created using Quicktime, so it was obviously an .mov file(Original size = 790.3 MBs). I then did an experiment.

    1. Using Wondershare Video Converter, I imported the .mov file and had Wondershare convert it to an MP4. The resulting MP4 was of comparable quality but Wondershare actually increased its size to 803 MBs.

    2. Using Handbrake, I imported the same file and had Handbrake convert to an MP4. Again, the resulting MP4 was of comparable quality, but it was only 183.1 MBs.

    My suggestions....Handbrake.

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