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    Using 60D or similar DSLR for shooting video?
    I shoot my home movies with a 2008 Sony HDR-SR12.

    My question is... how does the 60D compare to a higher end camcorder like the one I'm using? Does it work the same way, does the autofocus function the same?

    I have seen samples of video that look fantastic but tripods were used. I would be recording videos of my kids and family events. etc.

    Also, how is the quality of the photos if I were to take them while I'm recording the video?

    Thank you!

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    Canon have replaced the 60D with the 70D with some improvements but it is a similar product.

    Shooting with a DSLR impose some restrictions. You cannot focus automatically whilst filming without the autofocus hunting. So you'll see the image go in and out of focus until it locks onto the subject.

    Yes you can take still whilst filming but you'll get a break in the video, where the still was taken. The image quality will be the cameras full resolution not the smaller down sampled video image.

    Having shot video on both still and video cameras, the quality from both is very good, but hand holding a DSLR for video needs incredibly steady hands. The best option would be to use some form of camera stabiliser. IS lenses don't have enough play in them to compensate.

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