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    Can you embed jpg images into mp4 files?

    I would like to add a cover photos (.jpg) to home movies I have that are in mp4 format.

    All my home movies are in 1 single folder but when I view them on my Samsung TV (via external HDD) the TV seems to pick random frames as thumbnails to represent the file.

    I'd like to be able to select what thumbnail is shown ideally meaning just the one thumbnail.
    My idea is to create home movie covers for my family videos. Is this possible with software?

    I don't mind paying for software that does this but at this point do not even know if it's possible?


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    You could do it this way. Select the jpg that you want in Finder, and assuming that it is showing a preview in icon view, copy it. Select your movie find, do Cmd-I to open the info pane. Select its icon in the pane and paste your jpg to it. It should now show in Finder with that jpg.

    However, whether it will show on the TV, which uses a different OS remains to be seen.

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