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bluethunder 03-01-2014 04:24 PM

can't play .wmv videos
I have a mid '07 MacBook, 10.6.8, Flip4Mac is installed. I can see the video playing but I have no sound. Sound is set to play through internal speakers. Other things play fine. Why do I have no sound on a .wmv video? What can I look for?

bluethunder 03-01-2014 06:30 PM

I have Perian installed. It doesn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. It still doesn't work. What else can I check?

KeswicKomputing 03-01-2014 06:39 PM

The best thing to do in my opinion is download the latest compatible version of vlc player for mac.

bluethunder 03-01-2014 07:02 PM

I have Snow Leopard (mentioned in the first post) and can't even install Mavericks.

I hadn't heard of VLC. When I tried it, it threw me for a couple seconds as I had the opposite problem, sound and no video. When I clicked in the video area, then it showed up, so I guess it works. Thanks! I appreciate it.

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