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Thread: .MOV to WMV converter

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    .MOV to WMV converter
    Hello, i am pretty new to mac and i have a power mac and i need a program that will convert my .mov files to wmv.

    I mainly use Final Cut Pro for conversions but it doesnt have wmv.

    So is there maybe a way to get it to convert to wmv or is there sum other application for mac that will convert to .wmv (actually steaming wmv)?

    Also is there a good ftp client program that is like filezilla for windows but for mac???

    Anyhelp would be greatly apreciated.


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    Well let me give you a hand here...

    I would look into FFmpegX -
    Its great for file conversions.

    Next, I personaly like Transmit for FTP stuff -

    Fetch is also a good program for FTP as well -

    I hope this helps you out.

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    This FFMpegx looks great, but I don't see that it converts to I missing something? Figures..the one format I need is not on here Any ideas? Thanks, Mark

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    I have Quicktime Pro (with flip4mac which allows me to view WMVs) and when I watch an .MOV file, there's an option to export it to WMV.

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