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    Burn video TS folders to DVD?
    Hi everyone,

    To start with I have no clue when it comes to most computer matters. To burn a DVD, I usually just drop the file into the DVD-vdeo section of Toast 11 Titanium and sometime later a DVD comes out . However, I was sent a video as an ISO disk image, which contains Video TS folders.

    I want to burn this to a dual layer DVD so that it can be played on any DVD player. BTW the video is encode in NTSC so will need to be converted into PAL (usually the DVD-video function on toast does this for me).

    I would be very grateful if someone could talk me through the steps (using toast or something else) to get this video on DVD.


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    Just select the video TS folder in Toast and it should do the rest. Make sure you get the right dual layer dvd's. I have a box of +R's I cant use.
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