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    imovie 13, extracting audio clip to edit in Audacity
    Hi all,

    I've been wrestling with this all day -- I'm doing a basic video demo for my band in iMovie 13, and need to tweak the audio on the clips. Some of the clips need different e.q.'s and volume adjustments, perhaps a bit of reverb.
    I could detach the audio as a whole (if audacity will allow me to edit the audio as described above, different eq's in different spots etc), or I could edit the clips separately. I've already trimmed the clips and added to the movie, so I"m not sure if the audio edits would follow through to the movie or if I'd have to add again.

    I tried this with garageband, but the learning curve was such that I just downloaded audacity to try to get this project done.
    I need to know how to export the audio clip/clips to audacity, or a location where I could import them and then put them back again.

    Thanks so much for any help! I just switched from a pc so I'm pretty much having to figure out a mac as well ;-)

    edited to share this, it's working fine. I copy the video/audio clip (don't detach audio), open "new movie", paste in the clip, share to file on desktop, open with Quicktime, export audio only to desktop, open with audacity, make changes as desired, export as .aiff file to desktop, then drag/drop back into iMovie, snapping it into place under the original audio. I then detached original audio, muted if after making sure the altered audio is in place, then mute or delete original, voila! Probably a better way to do this in another program, but this is working and pretty quick once you get the hang of it. and for more control & tweaking of volumes at the end of clips etc, you can split the audio & work with volumes that way. hope this helps someone, like I said there may be better ways but it's working for me.

    Jan H.

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    This was a huge help to me!

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