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    iMovie creation
    I am getting into iMovie for the first time and am making very good progress on the learning curve but I have come up with a mysterious problem. I have added music clips to several still photo sequences and it was working quite nicely during the previews but suddenly other music has crept into the project. In several places a second music piece can be heard over the one I added (two numbers playing simultaneously). All of the phantom numbers are from my iMusic repertoire but I definitely did not add them to the project.

    Just noticed that in the project screen the planned music shows as a green bar below the clip thumbnails but there is also a green bar ABOVE the film strips showing the phantom music

    Any thoughts on how the phantoms crept in and how to eliminate them?

    I think I figured it out. The music at the top of the thumbnails (phantom) is "background music". Clicking on it creates a yellow border and clicking delete removes it from the project. Now the only mystery is how it got thee in the first place. I suspect I dragged a tune into an area NOT a thumbnail??

    Thank you - poppi

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    Might of happened with selecting the music from the folder and picking up a few straddling as well.

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    I suspect I dragged a tune into an area NOT a thumbnail??
    Probably. That's how you would add background music.

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