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    DVD and or files do not show up in Mac
    Hello everyone
    I don't know exactly how to title the problem I am finding so I'll try to explain it as best as possible. I am using a late 2009 i-mac with Mountain Lion.

    I have been working with dvd-rs containing video footage that I am editing and burning onto dvd. Most of the time its a piece of cake. I right click on the dvd that shows up on my desktop and open the vob files with mpeg streamclip for editing purposes. Lately a few dvd-rs I have been given have shown up on the desktop but when I right click on the dvd, the files for the dvd are not showing up (but I do know for a fact they are on there). And in a rare occasion the dvd isn't showing up on the desktop at all.

    My solutions have been to either use an older model dvd burner in which case the dvd may sometimes show to which I use a program to make an iso of the disc and then open it. I have also used my girlfriend's older mac laptop which has snow leopard which not only shows the disc but the files as well when right clicked no problem. Her computer has crapped out so I no longer have that option. I have done many google searches which suggest using disc utility but none of the suggestions have gotten me any were.

    Has this happened to anyone before? i am wondering what it is that could be possibly causing the problem.

    thanks for your time.

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    Your internal DVD drive may be going south. It happens.

    Fortunately, an external USB DVD drive is fairly inexpensive and just about any unit out there will work just fine with your iMac. Here's an example: ASUS External Slim 8X DVD-RW Stylish Cut Design Optical Drive SDRW-08D2S-U/BLK/G/AS: Computers & Accessories

    The tray loading drives tend to hold up a lot longer than slot-loading drives. You may find that an external works a whole lot better overall.
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    hey..thanks for the response..the internal has gone south in that i can't burn with it anymore..But this is a brand new LG Blu Ray burner I'm using it in. I've tried the discs in that one, the internal one and an older model Sony burner. The disc shows up when when you right click on it there are no files. Its very strange..

    I may need a program like isobuster that works for mac, but I'm still wondering if there is a setting in the Mac that needs to be changed tnow that I have upgraded to Mountain Lion.

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    to expound a little further..when I open up toast, I can copy the disc no problem but I can't make an iso or toast image as it shows there is no data on the disc with either one of those options..

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    so what I've realized is that the permissions for this disc are showing that I have no idea why that would be..

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