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Thread: Mashing up and creating new dvds from dvds I own

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    Mashing up and creating new dvds from dvds I own
    I have a macbook air 11" and a selection of DVDs (each has 3 x 30 minute workouts).

    I want to take all of the 'abs' sections (c.30; 5 minutes each; not indexed) and edit onto one DVD and I'm looking for software that will enable me to do this.

    I'm looking to be able to do something like this:
    1. load the DVD
    2. set markers for the section I want to copy
    3. copy and dump onto hard drive
    4. repeat for all dvdd
    5. Burn new DVD from hard drive


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    You might be able to use "Handbrake for Mac" to rip the DVDs and then re-burn them to the format you desire. Here's a video from MacWorld describing how: LINK

    Download Handbrake for Mac from here.

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    Sep 26, 2013
    Thanks. I'm looking for a simple, all in one application - rip > editor > burn - if possible. I saw a few questions asking about split discs so not sure this app does it all? I have software that will rip the whole DVD (dvd cloner for mac3 - not as good as the previous version) and burn a dvd, so in essence it's the editing bit I really need.

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    Here is a brute force method I have used on old videos that I didn't want to bother importing for editting. Last time I did it was on footage on VHS Tape of my daughter appearing on the Bozo the Clown show. Turned out surprisingly well.

    1) Play video on HDTV
    2) Using any video capable camera record display
    3) Import to iMovie and edit from there

    A good camcorder on tripod would obviously be best, but I just used my iPhone 5 handheld and the resultant captures were indistinguishable from the (admittedly low quality) original.
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    ha, thanks - it's not the polished approach i had in mind... but I can see it being quite easy as a fall back option. In fact, I could cut out the middle man and just film all the sections that way...

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