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Farmer Pug 09-05-2013 06:17 PM

Old file keeps appearing when importing clips

I use imovie quite a bit, and use my iphone 4s to record video, recently i noticed when downloading clips off the phone to put it onto the computer one clip in particular is always still on the phone, even after using image capture to delete all the clips, nothing is visible on the phone through the photo library and its only after using iexplorer that i can see the file on my iphone but cant delete it.

How can i get rid of this file, its quite irritating when downloading clips, i usually click import all but i end up importing this one clip again and again, its also dated october 2012 which was before i even bought the phone.

MacInWin 09-05-2013 09:08 PM

And there you may have the problem! It was probably created by the previous owner and you don't have privileges to delete it. You can try making a backup of the phone, then use something like iExplorer to see if you can find and delete the video directly. Otherwise, you might try to reset to factory and reinstall your apps and iTunes stuff to see if that makes it go away. Restoring from any backup will just put the file back, so that won't work.

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