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    Simple, basic, easy video editor
    I need a simple to use, free or cheap (around $15-$20) basic video editor for my macbook. All I want or need to do is link video clips and add some tittle pages. I was going to get iMovie but then I read all these complaints about problems. Is there a simple to use basic editor out there better than iMovie, or is imovie it? thanks.

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    Most of the complaints about imovie are from users who dont like the new version

    If you are new to the program you are unlikely to have any problems
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    exactly right
    you are right. downloaded it and haven't had a bit of trouble.

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    some of the complaints are just because people don't like that verson as they are accustomed to the old one.

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    iMovie is about as simple and full featured you will get for free. I mean, its great program and easy to use. I just recently upgraded to Final Cut Pro X, but that was for some of the more professional tools I needed.

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