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    Video Playing Problems (and it is a MOV file)
    Alright, I just exported this one thing from AP (Adobe Premiere) and it is a MOV file. I double click it and play it in QT (Quicktime) and apparently it's jittery and plays slowly (sorta like it does without 3iVX). I have 3iVX installed (even the latest version) and I even tried playing it in VLC. BOTH seem to play it slow, and I wanted to view it to see how my product was.

    The file is 120 MB and I cannot import it into iMovie (reasons being it's too big and would take tooo long to import) and export it to make it a batter MOV file and smaller. Is there any way I can compress it (with free software that I can download [even trial version]) without importing it into iMovie OR re-exporting it from AP?

    Because I'd really like to edit it in iMovie or at least be able to view it. So, can anyone help me?

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    Perhaps your machine isn't up to the playback requirements. Depending on the encoding type and the size, etc, your box might not be powerful enough. My example is the new H.264 encoder. I can encode 1080p size movies in iMovie 6, but my Dual 867MHz G4 can't play them back. It does try. When I lower the image size to 360 lines, I can play it back with no issues, but at 720 lines, I get the occasional jitters.

    I know from experience that iMovie 6 will import a full 2hr, 24 gigabyte file. That 120MB file will be minor for iMovie and should import quickly. I found out iMovie also can import more than just DV footage.

    As far as a free tool. Check my last response at this thread;
    The install a bit combersome, but so far I've had great luck with it. Just remember to set the video size after selecting the output format.

    What is 3iVX? Yet another encoding spec? Use Sorenson 3 or one of the Mpeg 4 options for export.

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