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    How to make back up on Imovie (I only manage to back up my finnished projects) ?
    Hi fellow imovie users!

    Now I don't have more space left on my macbook pro, so I need to clean up. I want to keep my finnished imovie projects,but export the raw film to an extern disk. Is that possible??

    So far I've only found options to export projects. Please help !!

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    Your raw footage is in Home Folder>Movies>iMovie Events, so you could just drag the files out of there onto your external drive.

    To do it from with in iMovie, just drag Events and drop them on the external drive's icon, which should show on the left hand side of the Event Library.

    It's recommended that when you import into iMovie, you should store your footage on an external drive anyway. Not only will this save space on the your Mac's drive, but will also prevent excess wear and tear on it during the constant read/write activity during editing.

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