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    QT 7 Pro Playback

    I am trying to record a movie in QT7 Pro on a mac mini and have it export directly to a flash drive.

    I can get the movie to record, and save to the flash drive, but when I play the movie back on another computer, specifically a PC it is only black and there is no image. I have been searching around for a while and found some issues that are slightly similar and have been unsuccessful in getting this to work.

    Any suggestions?

    Additional setup info:
    Using a mac mini, USB Camera, Quick Time 7 pro on Lion.


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    What are you exporting the movie as and what are you using to play back the file on your Windows machine? Issues like this are usually caused by a lack of proper codec support (in this case, on the Windows machine).
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    I exported as .mov to a flash drive and playback is on quicktime on the PC. I just tried another one and got it to work manually.

    Now I have a second situation is that I am using a applescript to start the video recording as soon as a drive is mounted to the mac mini. after the recording the script should save to the flash drive, which it is, but the right export settings are not being applied.

    Do you know how to create export settings for qt 7 in applescript?

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