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    Copying scrolling credits title
    Hi all

    So, I made a movie of a Jazz Band performing a series of numbers and at the end of it all I have scrolling credits providing the names of performers and instruments played.

    All very satisfactory.

    Now I want to break the thing into its component parts, i.e. so that every tune has opening title and the scrolling credits at the end.

    I want to avoid having to type out the details for every tune, but find that the text is lost if I try to cut and paste.

    Any ideas how I can copy the details in order to streamline the exercise, please?

    I'm using iMovie 11 and Mountain Lion.



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    Do a Copy and Paste of the Title to insert it where you want it. Then select that blank title, Right/Ctrl click and then choose Duplicate Last Title to insert the text.

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    Thanks, MG for your suggestion, but I can't get it to work.....

    There is some data in the 'clipboard' - another title that I made - and I can't seem to replace it with what I want....

    I've resorted to copying the entire project, deleting the unwanted chapters, leaving just the bit I want together with the scrolling credits that I mentioned. Having the YouTubed it, I delete the duplicate project and then go through the same procedure with the other tracks.

    Almost as tedious as re-typing the end title!

    Thanks anyway


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