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    Streaming live video into iMovie
    Hi guys,

    I was hoping someone might help me. I have four macs with FireWire ports hooked up to camcorders recording customers running gait as they come into the shop directly into iMovie via FireWire port. Simple set up works fine.

    Needed to upgrade one of the machines and got a new mac no FireWire but sales guy tells me it'll work through USB this doesn't appear to be the case another shop told me that USB would be too slow and I should be looking at doing it through the hdmi port?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    but sales guy tells me it'll work through USB
    No it won't. USB and Firewire handle data in totally different ways. USB/Firewire converters don't work either, as all they do is allow you to plug one into the othre's port, but without converting how the data transfers.

    Are the camcorders are miniDV? If so then they need a firewire connection. Does the new Mac have Thunderbolt? I believe you can use a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter.

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