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    removing corrupted frames from an entire video - final cut express - help please!
    I have a corrupted video, about 12 minutes long. I don't have the source video, this was sent to me by email.

    Basically, only every third frame is good, but the other frames in between have overlaid remnants (from a frame at the beginning of the video).

    So what I want to do is remove the bad frames, and fill the gaps with the previous good frame. So the video will still be 25fps but look like 8fps. The audio is fine which is why I want to just duplicate the good frames to replace the bad ones.

    I'm a beginner to video editing software.

    I found I could do this in Final Cut Express by manually cutting each frame, deleting 2 of every 3, then copy/pasting the good frames into the gaps.
    But each second of video takes 25 cuts, 8 copies and 16 pastes. So to do 12 minutes of video this way is going to take hours and hours of manual work:
    18,000 cuts
    6,000 copies
    12,000 pastes.

    So my questions:

    1. Is there any way I can split the entire video into separate frames without having to manually cut each frame with the cut tool?

    2. Is there a way to simply "close all gaps" in a single command (so I can then just change the duration afterwards back to the full length)?

    3. Or maybe a command to "extend the previous frame to fill the gap" for the whole video?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Solution found, thanks to user on another forum.

    The trusted old Quicktime 7 Pro did the job perfectly.
    The full process now:

    1. Export as image sequence from QT
    2. Manually delete the unwanted frames
    3. Duplicate the remaining "good" frames twice
    4. Batch rename files sequentially using the same name prefix and increasing sequence number
    4. Use QT to open the image sequence
    5. Add back original audio

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    That's pretty ambitious...good for you sticking with it....I certainly learned something.

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