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    iMovie to iDVD in NTSC
    Good day,

    I hope I am posting it in the proper thread.
    I am in Canada, so region 1.

    To make this long story short, I have created an hour long iMovie project with my MacBook pro 13in 2011.

    Then I tried to export the video but it kept failing with an error code. Finally splitted the video in 2 and it worked.

    Then I burned those videos using iDVD to dvd's and I did select NTSC in the preferences of iDVD.

    It keeps burning it in PAL. I test the DVD's with my PS3.

    I bought a 27 iMac.
    Reimported my hour long iMovie project and I was able to export it without splitting the project.

    Tried iDVD again, same thing. It keeps burning to PAL even if the preferences of iDVD is NTSC.

    My OS is in French and I selected Montreal (which is in Canada) for the time zone.

    Is there any other settings or did someone ran into these issues ?

    Thank you!

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    I have seen some discussion of similar problems. Several of them suggest deleting the iDVD plist (preference) files. It should be in the following location



    In OS X 10.7 or 10.8 you'll have to unhide the Library folder. From the Finder choose Go To Folder from the Go menu. Then enter the following in the box ~/Library/Preferences

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