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    downloading you-tube videos
    hi everyone, a few minutes ago i felt VERY pleased with myself when i found i could easily Download You-Tube videos !!

    Is this practice frowned upon ?, or possibly ILLEGAL ?.

    I found a you-tube video that i wanted a friend of mine to watch, but he lives in a country where YouTube is banned by the Internet Providers in this country.

    So i downloaded the Video and uploaded it to my web space and sent him a link to that video file !, so am i NOW likely to be locked up ?, i guess everybody does this ANYWAY !

    the video showing you how to do it, is on YOUTUBE anyway !!!!


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    From my, non-lawyer perspective, each use of YouTube that uploads a video holds a copyright to the video unless they are uploading someone else's copyrighted material or are putting it up as public domain.

    Enough times people will put up a video they have no rights to and YouTube has been given a take down order due to copyright violation. That being the case, downloading these types of videos is also a copyright violation..

    Just because people put something up on YouTube (even downloading YouTube videos) doesn't make it OK or allowed..

    People have put up full movies on YouTube in 10 min segments and those have been taken down quickly, that's a clear copyright violation right there..

    So use your best judgement when it comes to these things..

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    Read the following article: LINK

    As far as downloading a video and providing it for a friend who lives in a country where it is illegal, my advice would be not to do it. I doubt a foreign government would come after you for that, but why take a chance?

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    OK LADS thank you very much for that information, a definite an eye-opener to me, i shall play by the rules in future, i dont want/need any trouble



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