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    iMovie and audio loss

    I am new to Video and currently using iMovie '09
    Yesterday I shot some video footage and before downloading from the camera I deleted some previous footage from the card. I then put the card back in the camera and connected using USB at which point iMovie usually detects the camera and I start the download but this time it didn't recognise any device. So I took the MTS video files and converted them to .mov files. When I open these files individually they play fine with audio.
    I have now uploaded the new .mov files to iMovie but when I play them in iMovie there is no sound

    Any thoughts on what I am missing ?


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    Is there audio when you play the .mov files on quicktime player? If not I'm guessing it may have been a problem with the conversion process. If you still have the original MTS files, try to convert them again in handbreak which is the software I prefer. One more thing, I had the same problem with iMovie not recognizing the camera after I deleted the files on the camera from the computer and it was a huge disaster. NEVER NEVER NEVER delete, add or change anything on the camera from you mac and always do it from the camera itself. To get iMovie to recognize the camera again you're going to have to reformat your cameras HD or SD card. I hope this helps!

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