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    Can't get DVD to itunes
    Every time I buy a DVD, I make a copy as a backup, but I also use Handbrake to put it into itunes (for iphone and ipad since that's where I usually watch them).

    Well, I have a set of videos I just bought that have Japanese audio, but English subtitles - or something. When the DVD starts, I select "English" from the menu and everything shows up fine. I see what looks like normal subtitles in English, but there are also things that pop up on the screen that seem more like images with text. If I don't select "English", those are Japanese (or some Asian language) instead. Don't know if those images with text are just another way of doing subtitles or if they are something completely different.

    Anyway, everything I've tried with Handbrake only gives me a copy on my computer that doesn't have the English in either form. Actually, I had to get a friend to make me a DVD copy to get past the protection first (works fine), but while Handbrake makes a copy from that, it has no English and playing the file doesn't give any option to select it.

    Never ran into this problem before and I really need to have these on my iphone or ipad. Is there a way to get that "choose language" option into an itunes version or, better, just a way to have a copy that includes the English translation?

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