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    difference between -r and r mac
    Hi folks. I'm about ready to burn a wedding video I've just completed. Could you please advise me on which is the best type of dvd in which to use? My Mac is capable of burning -r and +r dl dvd's. I appear to be becoming more confused the more I look up on the subject so hopefully some of you guys can kick me up to speed please.

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    This is an old article but pretty much sums it up

    DVD Media | Hardware Secrets

    I use +r myself

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    I tend to use the -r variety if the DVD will be played back on an older stand alone DVD player. I know a few people whose players do not seem to play the +r variety at all.
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    I'm with Sly. Personally favour Verbatim DVD-R.
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    Short version: the -r discs will be more reliable in more DVD players.

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    I use Verbatim -R Single Layer, and +R Dual Layer and haven't had any problems.

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    MOST dvd players these days don't have a problem with home-burned discs, so either format is fine (and +R is very prevalent for dual-layer discs), but for older machines -R was the original format and thus is seen by more models. Any newish DVD player should be able to play either.

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