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    Question video editing
    Hello, My name is Maria and I have been shooting and editing videos for many years but have just started doing it as a freelance business.

    I have two questions:

    1) I use to work on a version of Final Cut Pro from 2004, now I have Final Cut Express which is limited, so now I am wondering what is the best new Editing programs for Mac?

    2) Does anyone know how I can determine how much to charge for shooting and then editing? I shot for 8 hours a day for 5 days. I made 130 physical therapy exercise videos that lasted between 5-10 minutes long. I will need to white-out the sides of some of the videos, On the long shots, the lights on the side of the backdrop can be seen. I will also graphics, text and a voice over to each video and will try to get each down to a 3.5 min video.

    I have no idea how much to charge.
    I looked at Final Cut Pro X but it looks like some kind of fancy Imovie. I dont understand why it looks so different and I wish I did not have to learn a new platform since I was so good at zooming through the old Final Cut Pro.

    Any advice about this would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you for your time and for helping me out.

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    Your going to have to bite the bullet....Either stay with FCE or ( in my opinion ) go with FCP X. It sounds as though you have looked at iMovie...Not sure what you need specifically that iMovie won't do...but FCP X does have the same general interface with greater advanced capabilities. Youtube is your friend here...

    No idea on any of your freelance rates...surely there's an industry standard...

    You have other 3rd party options...( Adobe, Avid...) but I like proprietary apps on the Mac...

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    Video editing, like many "digital professions" is ALL ABOUT change. Better get used to that.

    Avid and Adobe and all the rest have changed a lot in the last few years as well -- mostly to look more like FCPX. There are definitely options and you should see what works best for you, but once you get used to the new FCP you'll be flying through it just like you used to.

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