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    What program to download saved webinars?
    I watch a lot of saved investment webinars on different sites. I know there are a number of programs that allow me to download YouTube videos, but what is a good one for downloading these webinars?

    Then there is the issue of conversion. Is there one program that does it all? I just want to be able to replay the webinars at my leisure. If I don't have to convert, that's fine with me.

    Cheaper the better!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    It really depends on the format they are in and whether you're permitted to save them.

    Your first port of call should be the webinar provider to see if they have a downloadable version

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    It appears what I need is a program that allows me to download the most format types. Is there one that is well known? It must download webinars (video type files--whatever format) and allow me to play them back.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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    As mrplow said, it really depends on how the webinars are streamed and embedded into a webpage. There is no "one size fits all" solution to downloading content from the web. On top of that is the simple issue of whether or not you're allowed to download these.

    What is the site?
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    In my experience with webinars, they're usually locked. Generally, they're proprietary in nature and unless a pay for downloadable version is available, you can not download them with any program or browser. As you have already been advised, contact the copyright holder to see if there is a pay or free downloadable version available.

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    And ones I have taken part in, a DVD of the seminar has been offered for sale as one cannot save the seminar.
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