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    VHS Video to Mac
    What is the best program to use to capture VHS video from the player onto my iMac?

    Will iMovie do the job? When googling Video Glide seems to be the favourite in the search.


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    iMovie will do the job but you'll need appropriate capture hardware either way

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    You must have a piece of hardware known as a "video capture card" prior to any sort of software.

    The most used piece of software is going to be ElGato's EyeTV3.

    If you purchase a video capture card that is compatible with the version of OS X you are running, practically all of them will have the software you will need to capture video with the card and there would be no need to purchase yet another 3rd party software in order to use it. If it does not come with the software to enable you to use the hardware, then you should continue looking for a different piece of hardware.
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    Nov 16, 2009
    I had a capture device when I was using windows, I will have to check if compatible. If to I will get a new device. Thanks for your help.

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    I have an Elgato Video Capture unit. Works great. I used it to transfer all my old VHS home-movie videos to digital storage on my Mac.

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