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    How to create a poster frame in iMovie?
    Is it possible to create a poster frame with iMovie 11? I tried the procedure below, and it did not work. I'm referring to the thumbnail seen when viewing a movie in finder, or say on the apple TV.

    A poster frame is a single frame at the beginning of your movie clip that is visible when the clip opens in a QuickTime player.
    1. Move the play head to your frame of choice.
    2. From the Edit menu, choose Create Stil lFrame. This creates a 5 second clip of the frame in your clipboard.
    3. Double Click on the Clip and use the dialog box that appears.
    4. Set Duration to 00:00:01. This will make the clip last only one frame.
    5. Drag the clip to your timeline and place it as the first frame of your movie.

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    Those directions wouldn't work -- ever -- because iMovie cannot set a duration of one frame and never has been able to as far as I can recall.

    One solution I found was here:

    It does, however, require having QuickTime 7 Pro.

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