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    Question Mac Mini Vs Mac Pro or Imac????

    I am very confused and need some Pro advice please!

    I dont understand all the different insides of a mac but I know what I need.

    I need a fast mac with lots of memory and a good processor for doing a lot of photoshop, Final cut pro and garage band editing.

    I am not a pro and I do not have a business yet but I will be making a lot of short videos and eventually a few one hour movies.

    I have heard some say I should wait for the new Mac Pro but then others tell me the Mac Mini can do everything I need.

    If you can help me I will be so very grateful for your time.

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    Maybe we can narrow things down a bit. Do you have a maximum budget?

    - Nick
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    as pigoo3 said- knowing your budget is good avice. For me display size and 'all in one' is important - I am in process of selecting options in an imac with $800 spread of upgrades. Good luck.

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