eeek! I just upgraded my power mac g5 to 10.3.9 and I also upgraded to Quicktime Pro 7. i did this to be able to convert my movies for playback on my ipod. BIG MISTAKE! I am NO LONGER able to capture video or to play back video in Final Cut Pro 4.5. my device control is working and i can start and stop the video camera with it. however, i cannot see the video on my monitor or capture video at all. fcp is not reading any camera and when i open the program, it doesn't even give me the dialogue box saying my camera is missing. but the device control works?? very weird.

i have been surfing around and it seems there are compatability problems. one person recommended unplugging all my drives and reinstalling Quicktime 7 as a solution? also, it was suggested i go back to quicktime 6.5.2. for some reason, i cannot do this as it says my hard disks are not acceptable for this installation (why???). PLEASE HELP ME! i am in the middle of an editing project that is LATE and i cannot capture video at the moment because of these upgrades! everything was FINE until i did them.

please please help!