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    Creating viewable HD home videos
    Please forgive my ignorance of all things computer .....

    I just purchased a new high def camcorder (Panasonic HC-V700). I am old school and want to have a physical DVD to view now and pass along to my children in the future. I also do not want to "downgrade" the frames which would negate my purchase of a HD camcorder.

    Here is what I have:
    MacBook Air (2011)
    4TB external hard drive
    Toast 11
    Panasonic blu-ray commercial dvd player

    I know I need an external blu-ray burner (recommendations) and appropriate discs.

    Question is, in order to burn the movie content so that it is able to be viewed in the commercial blu-ray player, do I need anything else?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I keep seeing references to a plug-in for Toast in order to be able to watch the burned video on a commercial player. Is that needed in addition to my Toast 11 or is it just extra hype?

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    Looks like you got everything. Toast is good. Or at least it is what I use to burn DVD movies.

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    It depends on the version of Toast you have. The Roxio site is almost deliberately misleading/woolly.

    If you have Toast 11 titanium you need the plug-in to burn to the blu-ray video standard.

    But I'd check your version specifically and contact them direct to be certain before laying down any money.

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