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    flip 4 mac
    I have managed to turn clips into 1 continuous movie , flip 4 mac demo watermarks all over it and also there is no soundtrack, I have removed flip 4 mac there is no sign of it on my laptop but it is obviously there somewhere,any solutions would be much appreciated.( I am doing this using imovies)

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    Your clips must be in a Windows Video format if Flip4Mac is doing anything to them. You should reinstall Flip4Mac, it is useful for viewing such files.

    What you *actually* need to do if I'm understanding the situation correctly is convert your movie files into a standard format (iMovie prefers MP4 or Apple Intermediate Codec, I recommend the latter) FIRST, *then* import the clips into iMovie and assemble them.

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    Mar 21, 2013
    I have converted the file into MP4 just as you suggest and it is working fine, thanking you most graciously my man,no doubt this is only the beginning of my many hurdles in the editing world thanks yet again

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