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    Importing MiniDV into iMac
    At home, I've had a G4 with Final Cut Pro 5 for many years, it's still working fine. But, at my new job, they provided me with a new beautiful iMac, the latest and greatest, 27" screen, big time processor, RAMM, etc.

    The problem is, I have miniDV that I want to import. I understand Apple is dropping Firewire, as evidenced by the fact that I have Thunderbolt ports on the back of this iMac.

    My DV source is Sony DCRVX2000. I am hearing rumors that, even with the Thunderbolt Firewire Adapter, I may still not be able to get this iMac to recognize that "old" DV source deck.

    Must specify first that I originally wanted to purchase Final Cut Pro X, but Mac folks have warned me against it, saying iMovie will suit my needs here.

    So. . .how can I import this miniDV footage?


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    You can only import miniDV by using a Firewire cable, so the only option is to buy an adaptor and give it a try. Or import onto your G4 and then transfer the file.

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