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    Final Cut Pro X vs Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12
    I just switched to the imac 27 with all bells and whistles from a PC. I am a sophisticated user of Sony Movie Studio and enjoy its editing features. I have been successfully using it on my mac using Parallels.

    However, it is difficult to import from my camera and I don't get full advantage of my hardware.

    I am considering buying Final Cut Pro X

    I am hoping someone can answer some questions.

    Is Final Cut Pro as good or better?
    Is the learning curve steep for someone who knows all the ins and outs of the Sony product?
    Are there definite advantages -- particular features on FCP that I will appreciate?
    Are there things that I will definitely miss? Are there frustrating features?

    Any other thoughts or suggestions. If I stay with Parallells and the sony movie studio, any suggestions?


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    Download the 30 free trial. Go to Izzy video and watch some free quality tutorials. ( can also wade through some YouTube vids as well ). Play with it and then decide. It will be different...but not radically and more intuitive for a seasoned Mac user..

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    I'll try it. Thx

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