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Thread: Red line at the bottom of clips in imovie

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    Red line at the bottom of clips in imovie
    Hi. I'm new to making movies. I imported two clips from SAM animation. Well, actually, I exported them from SAM animation to my documents folder. Then I went into imovie and imported the clips. The clips had the "dot mov" at the end. They both imported fine into imovie. However, now I have a thin red line going across the bottom of both clips. I don't know what that line is for. Also, the transition between the clips won't complete. When I play the movie from the beginning, it gets stuck on the transition part. Why? How can I fix these problems? I would appreciate any and all help I can get. Thank you.

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    The thin "red" line usually signifies that you have used the clips in your project (the "used" line is actually more orange in colour. It's just an easy way of showing you what bits of footage you have used from the clips in your actual project.

    As for the transition problem, I can't really say except to double-check that you have enough time in the clips being bridged to support the length of the transition plus some extra time.

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    Try deleting the Transition and then re-inserting.

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