Hi Mac peeps

I've had my GoPro HERO 3 Black Edn for a few weeks now and have noticed when I open a recording up in Quicktime (default player) the footage is frequently glitchy. I subsequently downloaded VLC and found no difference.

If you're wondering if I've got an old MBP, no I don't. In fact I payed a lot of $$$ for my MBPwRD (256SSD/16Gb RAM 1600 MHz DDR3/2.6GHz Intel Core i7/NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB)

I bought this MBP with the understanding it was MORE than capable of handling high definition footage taekn with my GoPro, even large 4k files.

Any thoughts on why the footage is playing back glitchy?

Just as an addid, I've found my MBPwRD is actually running quite slow atm on the whole. I'm transferring across 10Gb of video from my GoPro to the desktop and i've been waiting about 10-15min and it's only just completed 1Gb....

Many thanks!