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Thread: iMovie Problem

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    iMovie Problem
    When I go to finalize a video I have made, the image of my logo at the very beginning of the video gets weird squares around the entire logo and border.

    Here is an image of what it looks like imgur: the simple image sharer

    It's hard to tell but I can't tell what is creating these squares around the logo.

    I created the image and have tried multiple resolutions and it happens with all of them.

    The image its self does not have the squares nor any color variation in the spots where the squares show up at, just black.

    Anyone have any idea why this happens?

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    Not really, but you don't have to finalize a Project. All that does is just create a copy of your Project in every possible resolution that it can support, and makes these available to other apps via the Media Browser.

    If you don't need all those copied use the Share menu and Export to Quicktime, or Export as a movie.

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