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    Was that from an external app and not the native camera?

    Try doing the same thing with the apple camera or whichever app you normally use and then see how big it is from image capture, if it is itty-bitty like the ones before, then that would lead me to believe your apple camera is messed up.

    If that is the case then try backing your phone up to iCloud and then restore the phone to factory settings...
    and then before you restore it, try taking video with the apple camera and then see if that works with image capture...

    If it goes good and the all, then that was the problem... something with the OS...

    Then restore your settings and all that from icloud... you can just restore it to factory settings again and then go through the set-up process again.

    Then, if it doesn't work again, you might just want to restore it again and not retrieve anything from the back-up and instead just start over by redownloading everything manually...
    (which, by the way, shouldn't be the case because when you back up to icloud, the system files aren't backed-up)

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    Just PM'ed you. Much, much, much thanks! I'll post a follow-up tomorrow.

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    The good news is, that when I transferred the experimental footage from my iPhone (taken with default Apple video camera) to MBP, it worked fine.

    The only conclusion I have about the previous videos I've uploaded is that I must have done something in the process to cause that. Bad news is I can't reclaim the old footage and I still don't know what I did wrong to prevent in the future.

    Cheers Flavacraze - you're good people bro!

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