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    Question Problems exporting from iMovie 11
    I have used iMovie 11 for many projects and uploaded them to Vimeo and iDVD. My current project is edited; it looks and sounds great in iMovie. When exported to Garage Band (for DVD chapters) or Vimeo, however, the audio is distorted. The audio is way too hot so it is overdriving. I am using OS X version 10.7.4 and I haven't changed any software. I know these uploads all go through the media browser, but I don't know how to trouble shoot or reload it. Any suggestions from the group?

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    Why are you exporting to Garageband for dvd chapters? You can add them in iMovie before sending to iDVD.

    however, the audio is distorted.
    Do you still get that if you Share>Export Movie or Export Using Quicktime?

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