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    Saving imovie project
    I have created a project in imovie which is quite long (68 mins) which includes some video clips, but mostly pictures, to celebrate a friends birthday. However, I am having a few problems trying to save the project so that I can show it to friends and family. I have tried both saving to itunes and as a file in Finder.

    If I can't get it sorted out, is it possible to simply bring my whole iMac (21inch), with me and show the movie through imovies on the Mac itself. Would I need an internet connection or does imovie save it to the Mac harddrive.

    If I can sort it out, I was going to buy a connection in the Apple shop to be able to show through a normal data projector which I can borrow. However, would I be better buying the connection for a large TV instead?

    Any advice appreciated.


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    is it possible to simply bring my whole iMac (21inch), with me and show the movie through imovies on the Mac itself.
    Yes, you could do that. You don't need the internet.

    However, it's probably better to Share your finished Project using iMovie's Share menu. If you have iDVD on your Mac, you could use that to produce a dvd that can pay in dvd players, or on a computer.

    Or, you could either use the Export Movie or Export to Quicktime to give you a movie file which you can then play on other computers.

    If you don't have iDVD, and you want to make a dvd, then you can use the above Export options and then use the movie file with Burn(which is free) to make a dvd. Just make sure that you make a video dvd.
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