Over the past year or so Iíve built up a collection of videos and clips of family events, trips away etc.
I was using iMovie, but itís started to become a bit more limited as Iím now interested in a few more advanced features, so I bought FCP X - Itís brilliant!

As I said earlier, Iíve build up a collection of say 30 video clips and am now struggling with how to organize them. Can you keyword them?

Iím not sure if by leaving the clips grouped in separate events is a good idea - will it slow down the performance of FCP?

I had exported all the clips, but if/when I want to reuse them, Iíll have to import them again.

Iím really after some good organization tips, because in years to come, Iím going to have hundreds of clips and I wonít know whats what, unless I watch them all!

Iím so confused and more importantly - untidy!