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    Red face File conversion for dummy's
    Can't find a dummy's section so hoping some of you guys can point me in the right direction here...

    I have a .mov file that i want to burn to DVD and play on a standard DVD player through my TV.
    It's a straight forward home video - no menu's or 'track selection' chapters etc.

    The .mov file is bigger capacity than a standard DVD disc so - i think that means i need to compress it as well (?)
    From what little I've been able to work out i may need to convert my .mov file to a .vob (not sure if that's right).

    I've been downloading various free rippers/converters/condensers/anything with DVD in the title! etc none of which seem to be able to produce a copy of my .mov file in a format i can stick into my DVD player.

    Handbrake and DVD2oneX seem to be the most 'promising' but I may be barking up the totally wrong tree
    I get the feeling I may need to use a combination of them but can't figure out what does what!

    If anyone can point me in the direction of some suitable software that would be great...
    But I'd also appreciate a crash course detailing exactly what steps I should be taking and an outline of what i'm trying to achieve. At the moment although I know what I'd like as the outcome I'm befuddled by the various processes required to achieve it.

    Okay, I've donned my asbestos suit and I'm ready to be flamed

    Cheers - and thanks for any assistance.

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    Have you tries the open source burn

    Burn - Home
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    Thanks Louishan...
    Downloaded a copy and I'm playing with it now... looks really useful - thanks for the pointer.

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    File size is not that important, Burn will convert/compress as required. The length of the movie is more imortant. You'll get about 1h30m on a single layer dvd, and about twice as much on a dual layer. Burn should ask you for a dual layer if you movie is too long for a single layer disc.

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