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    sony camera clips to movies
    I have over 75 Sony Movie clips of my newborn son - up to 2 years, that I show with my Sony Cybershot Camera. I have been uploading them into Iphoto (that's where they automatically went). They seem fine when I viewed them (picture/sound quality), but now I cannot do anything with them.

    I have heard that Sony and Mac do not mesh well, but I am desperate to figure out how to make all these clips into a movie. I have tried to put them into Imovie, but it didn't work. I did manage to drag them into IDVD, spent hours creating the project, but NO SOUND after burning.

    I now have a JVC Camcorder that works great with my Mac, but need to get my Sony clips off desperately (taking up too much space).

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I also have a sony camcorder, which can be a real pain at times when I try to upload into imovie. When you plug in your sony camera, do you just drag the raw video files into iphoto? When I plug in my camera, I have imovie minimised. Then a window in imovie should pop up saying 'looking for devices', after that it should automatically open a window with a list of your clips. If this doesn't happen, click the button in the left side of the screen which has a picture of a video camera. Then you should see all your clips. However sometimes it will just show from the built in iSight, when imovie is being particularly annoying. If this does happen, then just restart your computer and restart then program. Hopefully then it will work.
    Hope this helps

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